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Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack Courier shipping free with 20” Limited time cheap sale Hihats 14” 1 Ride

Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 1


Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 1


Product description

This drum kit ready set of HCS brass cymbals provides the building blocks for drummers to start bringing cymbals into their set ups. Included in the box set are a 14" hi hat pair, 16" crash, 20" ride, and a FREE 10" splash. The hi-hats have a crisp "chick" with a nice slosh when played open. HCS crashes deliver a warm crash sound with a medium sustain. The ride is perfect for that classic, cutting ping with a musical bell. The FREE 10" splash is great for blending in quick accents to your grooves without overpowering. HCS cymbals are crafted in Germany with a durable brass alloy that has a responsive touch with an unmatched sound quality in this range. Geared toward beginners, Meinl HCS cymbals stand up to the brunt of sticks while maintaining their musical tone.

From the manufacturer


Hihat cymbals: the #1 most important cymbals for ANY drum set

If you're ready to play but don't have much direction or influence yet, you are going to want to begin with hihat cymbals. Hihats, along with bass and snare drum, form the most basic time-keeping "ingredients" needed for drum set playing. Hihats are a pair of cymbals mounted on a pedal activated stand that brings them in contact with each other (imagine a "chick" sound).

Meinl HCS hihats (sold as a pair) are specially weighted so the bottom cymbal is slightly heavier than the top cymbal.

Why does this matter?

Having the weight arranged this way enhances the crisp "chick" sound the hihats create while giving them a better feel. Look for the "top" and "bottom" stamps to know which goes where on your stand.

Available in 13" - 15" sizes for the most common personal preferences.


The ride cymbal: from jazz to rock, this cymbal is essential for playing any style of music

The ride cymbal is as important of a time-keeper cymbal as hihats (think of a "ping" sound), and it's often used with hihats to form a basic, starter cymbal set. Ride cymbals typically range from 20" - 22" in diameter, making them the largest cymbal in most setups.

When you're ready to add a ride to your set, we have a few options to carefully consider.

Our standard 20" ride is, by far, the most common type of ride cymbal and will perfectly suit any drummer. With its clean, bright sound and cutting bell (the raised cup in the center), the Meinl HCS ride fits all styles.

Our ride is also available as a 22" for players who prefer larger cymbals.

Crash/rides are also very popular, and we have models available in 18" and 20". This cymbal is a hybrid of a crash cymbal and a ride if you're looking to cover these sounds with one cymbal.


Crash cymbals: build your own unique setup or match your favorite pro

Crashes provide punch, flair, accents, energy, crescendos—you name it. In their most basic form, crash cymbals emphasize the first beat of a measure. They are struck with a glancing blow toward the edge together with a bass drum note. They're also great for playing big, rolling crescendos at the end of a song.

Meinl HCS crashes deliver a bold attack with a balanced sustain (ring), and their response fits with any volume level. Our standard crashes come in 14" - 18" sizes to accommodate any setup or style.

Most professionals have more than one crash in their kit for extra sound options, and HCS crashes come in a variety of sizes and sounds. Smaller HCS crash cymbals give you a high-pitched sound, while our larger crashes deliver a longer sustain with a lower pitch.

Personal preference will help you decide the right size and amount of crashes in your set, but having at least one crash with a hihat and ride is widely considered a basic "complete" set of cymbals.


Splash and effects cymbals: complex sounds outside the standard

HCS splash cymbals are great for adding flashes of cymbal sound where you want a quick response that fades away fast. These come in 8", 10" and 12" sizes.

One of our most popular effects cymbals is our trash crash. This crash cymbal features specially cut-out holes that increase trashiness and "dry" the cymbal out, meaning it reduces the ring. Available in 16" and 18" sizes. Trashy refers to a cymbal sound that is earthy, gritty and dirty.

The most common effects cymbal is the china. This cymbal features an upward facing lip around the edge that gives it a unique gong-like sound. HCS chinas range from 12" - 18".

Next, we have our trash stacks. These cymbals come in pairs and feature hole cut-outs for a sloshy effect when you stack them together on your stand. Great for power and energy. Sizes range from 12" - 16".

Finally, the HCS 8" bell is a great accompaniment to any kit with its ultra-long sustaining ring.

"p" Hihats

"p" Rides

"p" Crashes

"p" Splashes and effects


Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 1

Winter is coming, which means now’s as good a time as ever to prepare your car for the cold. Brace your BMW for ice, snow and freezing temperatures with these eight tips. 

Odds are you’ll feel a lot more confident when you face tough driving conditions. Plus, your vehicle will hold up much better, no matter what kind of weather it faces. 

1. Test Your Battery

Reduced capacity and increased draw from accessories and start motors can cause your battery to die during the colder months. Testing it throughout the winter will minimize your chances of hearing that fateful clicking sound the next time you turn your key in the ignition. Check the connections for any corrosion and test the battery load to determine its capacity. A weak battery will begin to freeze at just 32°F while a fully charged one won’t freeze until -76°F. 

2. Get an Oil Change 

Odds are your Bimmer will work just fine if you don’t follow the three month/3,000 mile rule to schedule oil changes. However, frigid temperatures can cause your Bimmer’s oil to flow slowly or not at all, which can put a lot of stress on the engine. Eventually, the motor will start to protest and you may have some more costly repairs on your hands. Therefore, it’s best to schedule an oil change before winter arrives and schedule more frequent changes throughout the colder months. 

3. Check the Tires 

How well your tires will hold up against ice, sleet and snow depends on a number of factors, one being tread depth. If the tread is shallow, the tires won’t have much traction and you’ll have to replace them. Consider throwing on a set of winter tires, which are made with deep tread patterns and sipes to provide better traction. Low tire pressure can also decrease traction and cause accidents. Use an air pump to How to Pick up Chicks | Funny Sarcastic Sarcasm Joke Tee for Man throughout the winter. 

4. Inspect the Brakes 

Harsh road conditions can cause rust, overheat your breaks and wear out their lines. When you’re facing everything from sludge to black ice,  the last thing you want is for your brakes to go out. Therefore, it’s important to inspect this vital component before freezing temperatures arrive. Corrosion, loud squealing noises and worn brake pads often mean they need replacing. However, a mechanic will be able to diagnose any issues and offer advice if you’re unable to inspect the brakes yourself. 

5. Make an Emergency Kit

A winter roadside breakdown can leave you stranded for hours in frigid conditions. If you aren’t prepared, you could get frostbite, starve or freeze to death. Keeping an emergency kit can increase your chance of survival by keeping you safe and warm until help arrives. Pack essentials like jumper cables, candles, blankets, food and water. An extra phone charger, flashlight, lighter and first-aid kit can also come in handy if you ever get stuck in the snow.  

6. Use Winter-Specific Fluids

Excess moisture and precipitation can degrade your BMW’s fluids or even cause them to freeze. Luckily, automakers have created a line of winter-specific fluid formulas to prevent these mishaps. Replace your brake and windshield wiper fluids with these blends before winter arrives Top off the coolant and antifreeze while you’re at it, too. That way you don’t have to stand out there in the cold with your hood open later on. 

7. Get New Wiper Blades

Some gearheads recommend changing your wiper blades every six to 12 months. However, if you frequently drive in tough conditions, you may want to replace them sooner. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with streaks and squeaks all winter long. Swap worn blades for winter ones that are sturdier and more resilient. These kinds of blades also have Teflon-coated edges to improve snow and ice clearing. 

8. Fuel Up

When there’s a lot of empty space in your gas tank, condensation can form on the inside. This moisture will dilute your fuel put extra strain on your BMW’s pumps and pistons. If the water freezes, damages can be much more substantial. Therefore, it’s crucial that you fill up your tank before the first cold blast hits. Then, keep it at least half full throughout the colder months to keep internal moisture levels low. 

Enjoy the Ride

Once you’ve prepared your BMW for the cold, all that’s left to do is enjoy the ride. Hit the road and explore backcountry trails. Even in the dead of winter, you can drive worry-free knowing that both you and your car are well-equipped for the adventure. 

Imagine for a second that you’re rolling down Route 66. Miles of open road stretch out before you and Life is a Highway comes on the radio. You roll the windows down, crank up the tunes and cruise. 

Sound like the perfect day? Maybe it’s time you planned a cross-country road trip. Take your Bimmer on an unforgettable adventure across the U.S. and experience America in a whole new way. Use the following tips to prepare both yourself and your whip for the journey ahead. 

1. Inspect Your Ride

If you take good care of your vehicle, you might’ve had little reason to take it to the mechanic for a thorough inspection. However, it’s wise to have a professional examine its internal components before you head off on such a long journey. 

Check fluid levels, rotate the tires, replace air filters and inspect belts and hoses. At the very least, get an oil change. That way the pistons and crankshaft are lubricated enough to keep the engine running at peak performance. 

2. Roll the Windows Down 

It’s no coincidence that you often feel sleepy during long drives. The longer you cruise along with the windows up, the more carbon dioxide accumulates inside the cabin. Eventually, this buildup will rob you of oxygen and cause you to feel tired. 

Sadly, 100,000 accidents occur every year as a direct result of drowsy driving. Therefore, it’s imperative that you stay awake and alert. Roll the windows down and let in some fresh air. Odds are you’ll feel more awake and refreshed — albeit a little tousled by the wind. 

3. Bring a Cooler 

Gas station snacks and fast food can leave you feeling fatigued and nauseous during long drives. However, if you plan ahead, you don’t have to fill up on junk food. In fact, you can easily pack all the food you need for a cross-country road trip in a single cooler. 

The ideal size and style will depend on your route — and appetite. There are a wide variety of coolers to choose from, however, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Some brands even make compostable coolers so you can explore and protect the planet simultaneously. 

4. Get a Car Can

Whether you indulge your fast food cravings or eat out of a cooler, you’re bound to wind up with trash. Of course, you can always dump it in a public garbage can but those are far and few between when you’re in the middle of nowhere. 

Keep your interior clean and organized by storing trash in car can. Stash everything from bottles to wrappers in this handy little receptacle. Choose one that’s waterproof to prevent spills and leaks and look for models that strap over headrests for maximum convenience. 

5. Suit Up

Whether you’re flying solo or traveling with company, it’s important that you’re comfortable throughout the drive. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, though. 

Suit up by dressing down in cozy but fitted athleisure. Wear layers so you’re comfortable, regardless of how often your passengers fidget with climate control. A flexible pair of slip-on loafers will also serve you well as you put the pedal to the metal and hit the open road. Don driving gloves, too, if you’re going for a more classic look. 

6. Make a Playlist 

Is there a particular artist or album that gets you pumped up and positive” Make a playlist of those feel-good favorites and queue them up before you put your Bimmer in drive. Choose upbeat tracks that will keep you alert and happy and keep the music at a reasonable level so you can still hear surrounding traffic. 

Use Spotify or another similar streaming service to create the perfect soundtrack to your cross-country road trip. Most importantly, to download it for offline use so you don’t have to worry about those long, silent dead zones in no man’s land. 

7. Take the Scenic Route

Auto enthusiasts know that long drives are about the journey, not the destination. If you think so, too, take the scenic route. Sure, the roads may be winding and you probably won’t hit top speeds, but some of the prettiest drives in America are off the beaten track. You simply have to be brave enough to explore them. 

Face your fear of heights on Glacier National Park’s Going to the Sun road or climb into the Hoh rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula Loop in Washington. Iconic Route 66 and classic cross-country interstates like Highway 1 also offer beautiful views and overlooks that are more than worth a quick stop. 

Enjoying the Ride 

BMW prides itself on offering motorists the ultimate driving experience, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Your Bimmer was made for this and you’re meant to savor it. 

Fall is here, which means now’s your last chance to take a road trip before the snow and ice arrive. Take advantage of the great driving weather and plan a trip in your BMW. With so many destinations to choose from, you’re bound to find at least one that suits your fancy.

1. Big Sur Coast

Luxury car owners love the 101 — and for good reason. The Pacific Coast Highway is home to numerous scenic byways, including the Big Sur Coast. This drive stretches 137 miles from Monterey to San Luis Obispo, bustling cities that are destinations all by themselves.

Snap a photo at the iconic Bixby Bridge and check out the many beaches, cities, and forests that dot the shore. No matter where you stop, you’re sure to experience delicious seafood, elegant wines, and miles of beautiful coastline.

2. Olympic National Park

If you live in Washington or wish to travel farther north on the 101, take a day or two to drive around the Olympic Peninsula Loop. This 300-mile scenic drive defines the perimeter of Olympic National Park and includes picturesque views of valleys, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, rainforests, and waterfalls.

Keep an eye out for wildlife like bears and elk or stop and take a short hike into the park to experience nature up close.

3. Shenandoah National Park

There’s no better time than autumn to see the Blue Ridge Mountains. For just a few weeks each year, this stunning mountain range turns to gold, orange, and bright red in a wild display of color.  Make Shenandoah National Park your final destination and take Skyline Drive for 105 miles to scenic overlooks, trailheads, campgrounds, and picnic areas.

If you’re up for a little off-roading, take Hollow Loop or Snead Farm Road, which meander through bygone farms and old gravesites.

4. The Grand Canyon

Fall is the perfect time to visit the Grand Canyon because there tend to be fewer tourists and the weather is more ideal for hiking. Peak fall foliage also arrives between late September and mid-October, so your drive to the canyon is bound to be breathtaking.

Once you arrive in the park, take Desert View Drive along the rim for 23 miles. The entire drive will take about four hours if you stop along the way to take in the sights.

5. Laurel Highland Scenic Byway

If you find yourself in southwestern Pennsylvania, take a trip back in time along the Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway. This 68-mile stretch takes two hours to complete if you drive straight through. However, there’s plenty to see and do along the way if you’re planning a longer trip.

Explore the Fallingwater Loop Trail to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Fallingwater, feed baby animals at a nearby wild animal park, or snap a pic under the Somerset Historical Center’s bright-red covered bridge.

6. The Upper Peninsula

When you picture stunning vistas, sandy beaches, and miles of shoreline, you probably envision a scenic coastal highway. Yet, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has all that and more, even though it’s nowhere near the ocean.

Take a road trip through the UP along the Hidden Coast, a shore-hugging scenic drive with more than 25 overlooks and dozens of lighthouses. Start in Menominee with the North Pier Light Station and end your trip at Kitch-iti-kipi’s natural springs.

7. The Finger Lakes

New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Country is scenic year-round, but nothing beats the fall colors in September and October. Of course, you can hike, bike, or even boat around this beautiful area. However, BMW lovers know that the best way to get around is in their whip.

Take the Seneca Wine Trail if vino is your vice or drive up Jerusalem Hill Road to catch sweeping views of Elmira’s rustic farmscapes and the Chemung River.

8. Acadia All-American Road

Of course, those looking for an all-American experience should take the Acadia All-American Road through Maine.

Following Route 3, this byway will take you through Bar Harbor to Acadia National Park, where you can explore more than 35,000 acres of rugged wilderness. Cadillac Summit Road offers a 3-mile scenic drive to the highest peak in the park. Just be sure to visit before the road closes on October 19 so you don’t miss the view.

Planning the Perfect Trip

The best drivers know that life’s about the journey, not the destination. The same is true of any good road trip, so remember to slow down and enjoy the ride. Plan to make a few stops along the way and make time for scenic overlooks. Most importantly, take only photos and leave only tire tracks.

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