Moxibustion + Aromatherapy Han-Moxa Red Device for Quality inspection Light LED Pai $139 Moxibustion + Aromatherapy Han-Moxa Red LED Light Device for Pai Health Household Health Care Alternative Medicine Moxibustion + Aromatherapy Han-Moxa Red Device for Quality inspection Light LED Pai $139 Moxibustion + Aromatherapy Han-Moxa Red LED Light Device for Pai Health Household Health Care Alternative Medicine Pai,for,Moxibustion,,Device,Red,Health Household , Health Care , Alternative Medicine,Aromatherapy,+,$139,Han-Moxa,LED,Light,/fertileness786129.html Pai,for,Moxibustion,,Device,Red,Health Household , Health Care , Alternative Medicine,Aromatherapy,+,$139,Han-Moxa,LED,Light,/fertileness786129.html

Moxibustion + Aromatherapy Han-Moxa Red Device for Quality inspection Light LED NEW Pai

Moxibustion + Aromatherapy Han-Moxa Red LED Light Device for Pai


Moxibustion + Aromatherapy Han-Moxa Red LED Light Device for Pai


Product Description

Zturn Industrial is a high-tech Traditional Chinese Medicine development company which capable of providing customers with superior and high quality moxibustion products along with a comprehensive and professional service.

We strongly believe in natural healing without the use of medications, injections or surgery. With the advance medical technology, we are able to combine the western science with the oriental moxibustion thus enhances the healing and recovery process.

We ship products across US and a few selected locations globally. The after-sales service team has knowledgeable experts when it comes to acupuncture points, TCM treatment advice etc.

We're passionate about the provision of safe and effective moxibustion medicine and the development of Chinese medicine.


    "li"Find out the Traditional Chinese medical - Moxibustion
"p" Traditional Chinese medical textbooks state, "if one cannot be cured by medicine and acupuncture, then you must apply moxibustion therapy." "The first choice to save your life is moxibustion." Moxibustion therapy, with a history of more than 2,000 years, is a simple, convenient and practical green TCM therapy to prevent and cure diseases. Its treatment effect has been verified by numerous clinical practices.

"p" Made of mugwort, the moxa is shaped into sticks or cones which are used to warm acupoints or affected regions. Moxibustion cures disease by the heat, infrared penetration and healing function of the mugwort during the process. The heat and infrared generated by the burning of moxa can travel along the meridians, improve the flow of Qi and blood, balance Yin and Yang, boost energy and restore body functions, thus achieving the function of preventing and curing diseases, maintaining health and improving your looks.

"p" Promoting green and natural therapy for healthcare is of great significance in today's society where is flooded by antibiotics and other medicines. We know well that long term medication will have many side effects. For example, diabetes and hypertension. Patients need to rely on medicine for the rest of their life if they have these two problems. These medicines are to control blood glucose and blood pressure, not to cure diseases. Symptoms worsen when medicine harm patients' liver and kidneys. Many patients experience liver or kidney function failure since long-term treatment with medicine.

From the perspective of Chinese philosophy, no medicine is known to cure disease. The only cure is our own immune system. One example is AIDS. HIV won't show its effect for 10 or 20 years in a body with an average immune system. It will also never attack a body with an extremely strong immune system. Interestingly enough, there are many cases about self-healing from cancer and SARS. TCM does not attempt to relieve symptoms with medicine, instead it stimulates the immune system and enables self-healing in many patients. A serious illness can be cured quickly if the immune system is functioning normally. Otherwise, a small problem like a cold may take months to cure. The effects on the immune system make moxibustion a very effective TCM therapy.

"p" As the old Chinese saying goes, "One cannot know the magical healing power of moxibustion, until one tries it." Many problems, which cannot be solved by western medicine, can be cured by moxibustion. For many women, dysmenorrhea is a very common and painful problem during menstruation. Western doctors may prescribe some painkillers to temporally ease pain, but women will suffer the same symptoms in the next month. Instead many Chinese women use moxibustion to completely cure dysmenorrhea, which also helps their complexion as well.

"p" Moxibustion therapy is widely applicable to disease caused by cold and deficiency, especially to chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, infertility, painful menstruation, breast hyperplasia, impotence, prostate, diabetes, bronchitis, etc. Moxibustion even has a unique effect on the myoma of uterus. Many patients choose to have an operation when they suffer from this problem. However, there is a very big chance that the myoma will reappear after surgery. Many clinical cases on moxibustion show that the myoma of the uterus will shrink and eventually disappear after a short period of treatment. The Patients' body becomes more energetic than ever. The majority of clinical cases also show that moxibustion has a very positive effect on fertility.


Research on the acupuncture and moxibustion therapy

Since its introduction to the West, acupuncture has been used to treat or cure a wide range of ailments. In the late 1970s, the World Health Organization recognized the ability of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to treat nearly four dozen common ailments. In 1997, a consensus statement released by the National Institutes of Health found that acupuncture could be useful by itself or in combination with other therapies to treat addiction. Other studies have demonstrated that acupuncture may help in the rehabilitation of stroke patients and can relieve nausea in patients recovering from surgery.


  • Anyone who wants to pain relief for rheumatism and joint pain; at the neck, shoulder, back, knee, legs, ankle etc;
  • Anyone who has the gynecological diseases, such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abnormal vaginal, discharge, gynaecological inflammation, infertility and prostatitis;
  • Anyone who wants to improve the gastrointestinal conditions, such as food allergies, ulcers, chronic diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, intestinal weakness, anorexia and gastritisetc or menopausal syndrome and other sub-health symptoms, revitalizing cells and enhancing immunity.


  • Anyone who is looking for an instant solution to pain relief overnight.
  • Anyone who has active skin condition within the treatment area, such as sores, psoriasis, eczema or rash.
  • Anyone who not willing to invest time amp; effort in nurse his/her health.

Moxibustion + Aromatherapy Han-Moxa Red LED Light Device for Pai


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